Supreme Bot

The best Supreme New York Bot on the market, don’t miss your chance at buying supreme gear at retail. Supreme Bot is developed by Supercop using the latest technologies in javascript, designed for speed and accuracy. Updates are provided as necessary, weekly newsletters sent out every Wednesday with helpful tips and information. You can also checkout our Supreme Pro Bot.

Supreme Bot Features include:


    Worldwide Support
    Works on all Supreme Sites US, UK, JP

    Size Selector
    Selects the product size.

    Add To Cart
    Automatically adds item to cart

    Complete Checkout
    Completes and Processes order.

    Single Item Keyword Finder
    Scans for product using keyword.

    Autofills your payment info

    Refreshes the page automatically, refresher interval speed can be adjusted

    Checkout Delay
    You can adjust the checkout speed to make the bot fully undetectable

    PC / MAC / Linux Compatible
    Works on all major operating systems

    Free Updates
    Free Updates & Support for duration of the season
Weekly Newsletters With Tips & Keyword Suggestions!

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All our products are instant delivery, you will be emailed a download. Our bots are good for the duration of the season & updates are free during this period. At the start of next season you have the option to renew for an additional $30.

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