Keywords & Tips 12/13/2018 – Drop 17


Supreme USA: 11 AM Eastern
Supreme Europe: 11 AM GMT / 6 AM Eastern
Supreme Japan: 11 AM Tokyo Time

If you have been experiencing any issues, be sure to clear cache and cookies before the drop. More info here

Being signed into your google account will lower the chances of getting asked to solve captcha.

You can also try solving recaptcha 1 min before release here:

If you see the item load, but keyword not finding it, manually click on the item to proceed.

If using the desktop bot make sure to select a category for which the item is in. In pro if using multiple keywords you can select multiple categories.

For a hyped release going for less items will net you a better chance at copping!

Starting the bot a second or two after the drop can help get around the initial lag when the site updates.

Always have your credit card number copied to clipboard.

If the site has updated, you can manually take over the bot!


Multiple Orders Of Same Item:
We get asked alot if this is possible.. yes it is but we do not recommend trying on hyped items as the orders can get cancelled. If you’d like to take the risk then you can run multiple instances of the bot. Take a look at setting up multiple profiles on chrome – after that you’ll need to install the bot on each. Then you’ll be able to add different billing info to each profile.

If you need to redownload the extension you can visit the dashboard.

Refresh intervals should be set to 2-3 seconds & you should start a few seconds before  11am. Don’t leave the refresher running long or you can risk getting banned.

iOS users need to navigate to the “new” category page before the keyword finder can begin working. 

PRO BOT TIP: if you are unsure of color you can add several colors to look for on different lines for example if you are unsure of the color:
Box Logo Brown
Box Logo Tan
It will select the correct item that matches.

It’s also good to be running a window to manually try on, see “Running Multiple Instances”.

Common Supreme Errors

Please Wait Error: 
This is a fairly new issue that has come up on supreme, after hitting complete payment button on checkout the button will hang on “please wait” and will not continue further. This leads us to believe it is an error with supreme’s payment processor, or server issue. If you get stuck here do no lose hope as many still get confirmation emails shortly after.

Card Declined Error:
This can mean item has sold out before payment could be processed by supreme.


PRO: 4.5.8 (updated 9/18/2018)
– Request methods adjusted, basically the way the bot performs actions has been re-written
– Removed notifications and page changes (sold out tags, added to cart, etc) for better performance. The notifications will return in a different manner shortly.
– Optimized Performance, rewrote a lot of old coding to be more efficient
STANDARD 6.3.6 (updated 4/3/2018)
– Request methods adjusted, basically the way the bot performs actions has been re-written
– Removed notifications and page changes (sold out tags, added to cart, etc) for better performance. The notifications will return in a different manner shortly.
– Optimized Performance, rewrote a lot of old coding to be more efficient

iOS: 2.9.1 (9/1/2018)

Updated to iPhone X Screen
Minor Bug Fixes
MANUAL CLICK OF PROCESS PAYMENT REQUIRED (will revert this later, but this seems to be the cause of card decline / automation error)


Desktop Updating:

While updates are automatic now, you can make sure you have the latest updates by force updating:

1. Open your Google Chrome Web Browser.
2. Click the three bar settings button on the top right of the browser on Mac and PC.
3. Hover over the “More tools >” and choose Extensions (this will open a new tab).
4. At the top, there is a button labeled “Developer mode”. Make sure this box is checked.
5. A new bar of buttons will drop down. Select the button labeled “Update extensions now”.
6. Clear your cache and cookies after the update

chrome extension updating

Clear cookies & cache on browser for optimal performance.

For iOS:

Visit & click the install link.
Delete the old app

After the app has been installed you will need to:
1. Open the settings on iOS
2. Navigate To General
3. Navigate to Device Management
4. Trust The Developer

If you get “login credentials belong to a different device” check back in an hour and it will be fixed.


Autofill not working: Some users may have incomplete fields in the checkout page, this is due to chrome aufofill feature interfering with the bot autofill. So we need to disable chrome autofill by going to the browser settings:


Afterwards you would need to remove and reinstall the bot.

UK Country Selected: Some users have experienced issues where the country is always set to UK despite their country selection. This is because you are most likely browsing in a different language, a fix for this is to switch your browser language to English.

The browser interface language is used for browser menus and prompts. It’s based on the language you selected when you first downloaded Google Chrome, or from your phone or tablet’s language. To change this setting on your computer:

  1. Open Chrome on your computer.
  2. In the top right corner, click the Menu .
  3. Click Settings > Show advanced settings.
  4. In the “Languages” section, click Language and input settings.
  5. Select the language you’d like to use from the list. If the language isn’t listed, first add it as one of your preferred webpage languages by clicking Add.
  6. On the right panel, click Display Google Chrome in this language.
  7. Fully close and reopen the browser to apply the changes.
Proper Setup

Timer not needed if you are on computer at time of drop.

Checkout Delay: is a feature we have built to prevent ghost orders which means that your order is basically voided for being placed too quick. This is not always the case and for the majority of the past seasons it has not been an issue. By default this is set at 3 seconds – you the user have the ability to change this.

Category Selection: Categories need to be selected for each item that you are searching for.

Keyword Format: correct keyword and color format is Keyword (space) Color i.e. : Box Logo Tee Black

Drop day setup:

  1. Have your autofill info added
  2. Set wanted clothing size, shoe size, and hat size (all can be selected, they do not interfere with each other)
  3. Setup your keywords, refresh interval can be left at the default 2 seconds
  4. Select the category for which the item is in, the bot will refresh this page looking for the item. If more than one item is added and is in a different category make sure you select the other as well.
  5. Start timer is optional, can be set to run right at drop time.
  6. Enabled checkout delay, recommended time is 3-5 seconds, which is how long the bot will wait before hitting the process payment button.
  7. Enable any size, this is optional. The bot will attempt to add your chose size first but if out of stock or not available it will chose the next available size.
  8. Enable add to cart, this will add the item to cart
  9. Enable checkout, this will complete the order for you.
  10. If not using start timer, once you hit the save button it will open the supreme website (if keyword finder enabled). We advise you to hit save right at 11am est.
  11. If keywords are incorrect, manually clicking the item will let the bot proceed.

Hitting save to open the site only works when keyword finder is enabled, other wise you need to manually navigate to the site yourself.

ios setup

iOS: After saving your settings, you will hit the “Shop” button and then navigate to the “new” category page on the site where it will begin scanning.

Case Study

In this section will show different scenarios that can lead to be chances.

We go into each release knowing that supreme at any time can update their site which can interfere with the bot performing correctly.

For hyped items we always recommend going for less as it usually leads to best chances. By going for a single item you will be able to see the category page refreshing instead of scanning in the background like multiple item mode does – what this means if the keywords do no pick up you will at-least see the item and can manually click it.

Single Item Mode


  • Can manually click item if keyword not found
  • Visually see page refreshing
  • Single item is faster than multiple items

This does not apply to standard as it does single items only.

Manual Mode:

If you do not want to rely on keywords you can manually click on items:


  • Doesn’t depend on keyword being correct
  • 100% safest way on finding item</li


  • Slightly Slower than keyword finder
  • No Auto Refresh</li

Proxy will allow you to change your IP, for the typical user this is not needed. Proxies can give you benefits such as hiding your real IP incase you get banned, or if you want to place multiple orders of the same item.

Proxy is a Supercop Pro feature only, to access this feature you need to click open/close tab that is located under the save button:

You will then see the Proxy on/off toggle. Toggle it on and you will see “options”. Once you have clicked this you will see a screen like:

Alias – nickname for proxy, it can be anything you’d like.

IP – This is where you insert the IP

Port – Port number for IP

Password: Most paid proxies offer a unique user/password that belongs just for you. You insert that here wither username/pass no spaces, this format must be followed.

Once you have all the info added hit save, and then go back to the proxy toggle on the popup window to select the proxy to use.

Lastly hit open/close again and hit save. Now you are using the applied proxy.

Start Timer

Timer is not required if you are on the computer at time of drop!

Needs to be setup during the day of release

Start timer can be set to start 2 seconds before release, just make sure your computer DOES NOT SLEEP OR LOSE INTERNET CONNECTIVITY!

If using the Timer on pro, you need to set the time the bot will start. It is related to your computers time, so if you’re EST you could use: 10:59:50 AM which is 10seconds before the drop. The bot automatically calculates the countdown for it. If using the timer with keyword finder/refresher it will automatically stop refreshing after 2 minutes incase keyword is incorrect – this will help to prevent being banned.


Do not close the start timer page, once the countdown reaches 0 the shop page will open in that tab and continue refreshing at your selected interval.

The timer is not necessary, if you’re available at the time of drop you do not need to use it!

Be sure to follow us on twitter, if any changes on the site are detected we will post there so you can be prepared. @Supercopbot

Code Search replaces the standard Keyword + Color. We will post directly below the keyword & color with the code that corresponds to the specific color. THE CODE COVERS BOTH THE KEYWORD & THE COLOR – Mainly for JP USERS


Category must be selected for desktop bots in order for keyword finder to work.

Shoe sizing: UK users select the US/UK option in the shoe sizing dropdown.

Keywords will be updated after the UK release so be sure to check back. Keyword suggestions are just that – suggestions. Keywords are pulled from the preview and colors are based on past drops. They may not always work – so use at your own risk.

Keyword: Gaye Tee
Clay / Fuzfzc0mpjm
Red / Wkcmcbbplua
Purple / 278ucr4z4so
Black / Focso0iybqu
Heather Grey / Ejmm pfvsns
Navy / Q8bygbvhqf8
White / Zssrzvxvwck
Yellow / Ca m6xblkre
Category: T-shirts

Keyword: Smile
Yellow / 8d wuw6qfxi
Clay / Gsj16wpavyu
Black / Stuf8jzks0a
Heather Grey / 23bht2yguzk
Purple / Dbzpbnbybo0
Red / 95azfcdjkty
Slate / 2 2z5bqh3cu
White / Hetrlnofq7m
Category: T-shirts

Keyword: Bombay
Black / Doeryjs7r5k
Pale Blue / L0ej9lybcx4
Red / 9a pubjqrcy
Heather Grey / Yirikseidie
Bright Yellow / Jhdhabkeelo
Light Purple / Uo13q3spkxi
Navy / Uuhgez64a4a
White / 3svr5v60elc
Category: T-shirts

Keyword: Cat in the Hat
Navy / Kddlpfmfsb8
White / Alhpckg5qys
Heather Grey / Yvphdy1a7sq
Red / 9yvxwlmfcbs
Olive / Njc71fomrx8
Yellow / W5ad ofn9xa
Black / 0clm6yqwlee
Purple / Bee8c2mi us
Category: T-shirts

Keyword: Luden Tee
Purple / J6suxaiucns
Heather Grey / Jpf pewagpm
Royal / Xee1qhbpc0e
Black / 73qtgaz9pf8
Burgundy / U0rw6qh dkk
Clay / W3k vwcv4y8
White / Zywrowvxgz0
Yellow / C4ql3xezgga
Category: T-shirts

Keyword: Thermal Zip Up
Mustard / Okhbuvar1xo
Ash Grey / Ikxaw02k0pe
Dusty Blue / Udoz9vr3bpi
Black / t 2oi ddjk
Navy / Jb rtd0cgcu
Cardinal / Mwxz melcfg
Light Brown / Ryn0zcejkrc
Dark Green / Nsem0nfrjwq
Category: Sweatshirts

Keyword: Motif
Orange / 2pxdpygf7r0
Off-White / 9wjnhiudst0
Black / Ofmjl 4aiiu
Category: Tops-sweaters

Keyword: Luden Beanie
Light Blue / Mi5t1j ij5a
Black / Ccw lf5aprq
Category: Hats

Keyword: GORE-TEX 700
Lime / T0574ywd3vs
Black / Pdifhylieue
Brown / Uanignnisgy
Category: Jackets

Keyword: Gaye Hooded
Black / Nowf47gszxo
Brown / Omt6wro8jle
Violet / S3skpsf0x90
Dark Green / An kzjt4p0g
Heather Grey / Onmbe2lkfqa
Category: Sweatshirts

Keyword: Snowflake Toggle
Tan / 665onqerlxg
Black / Bvwn0ul9raq
Yellow / Ax36qiq7hoq
Category: Jackets

Keyword: Neck Gaiter
Yellow / Vahz f7oopo
Tan / Povqy3x83je
Black / C t0ihqbf8w
Category: Hats

Keyword: Supreme NY Camp Cap
White / Dxtjhl1vjkq
Royal / Urexshvxm2w
Red / Cletagpep2i
Black / 9ck2tcrzwa8
Category: Hats

Keyword: GORE-TEX Taped Seam Trooper
Flower Print / t4exdiqyfa
Lime / Yzk5fidfwvw
Brown / Pz9 qjgoryy
Black / Jch7mpfszmm
Category: Hats

Keyword: Gaye Skateboard
Category: Skate

Keyword: Roses Corduroy
Red / Nlm4kcq4z 0
Blue / O7jivnzlbuc
Category: Shirts

Keyword: Santa Ornament
Red / Xxqcdpu3wqi
Category: Accessories

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