Card Declines

As you may have noticed many bot and none bot users have been receiving an increasing amount of card decline errors when checking out on Supreme. While the current verdict seems to be that autofill is causing this issue we’re not exactly convinced that this is solely the case. We have been investigating and will continue to investigate the problem and push out updates as needed, we monitor and test each and every release.

To an extent autofill can be monitored, but that does not explain why many of our users still get by. We figure it may be a combination of behavioral patterns that they may be tracking and thats what we’re currently investigating.

Users without a bot, manually typing this info can also receive this error, as seen here and many more threads.


The next theory is that your information may be banned, we don’t believe this is the case but we figured we’ll list some things you can try to get past this. What this means is either your IP, Phone Number, Email Address, or Address has been “blacklisted”.


This is an easy one to solve, simply just create another email to use when checking out.


You can use a random number, or you can use a relative or friends number – this number is not crucial as it’s not tied to anything.


If you’re address has been banned, you can change some variables in your address to get around it.

Lets say you address is:

555 Hoover St.

You can try:

555 Hoover Street.

Drive (Dr.) / Lane (Ln.) / Road (Rd.) / etc


By using a proxy you can easily get around this ban, now that pro version has a proxy support this is simple enough to try. You will need to acquire a proxy preferably residential and plug it into the extension.

Checkout Speed:

Using a higher checkout delay may help decrease the odds of getting card declined, we now recommend 4-5 seconds

Clearing Cache and Cookies:

“The solution has to do with your devices cookies. Cookies, for anyone who’s not familiar, are small files of data which are stored on your device, and can be accessed by specific websites you visit. It allows a websites server to tailor their pages to you based off of your cookies, often the pages themselves can contain scripts which work differently depending on the data in your cookies. Websites like Supreme rely on your devices cookies to identify who you are in a sense, and that you’ve visited the website x amount of times. It keeps data for specific websites on your device, and on the actual website. In my experience simply clearing your cookies alone can fix the Supreme card declined error! I’ve been clearing my cooking every week before drops, and haven’t had a single card decline error sense, so it’s definitely worth a shot if you’ve been constantly getting hit with the error, and taking L’s on the pieces you’re trying to cop!” –

We will update this page as we discover more of what the problem may be and possible solutions.

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